How does the process work?
The most important step in the process is first scheduling a call with the BG Mgmt Team for an introduction to determine that the homeowner and BG are a seamless fit. We will do the due diligence of researching licensing and permits required to operate a vacation home / short-term rental, and go over services offered and custom management fees. Once a mutual understanding is established and the homeowner elects to move forward, an agreement will be executed. We will then request access to manage all services relating (but not limited) to an initial inspection, cleaning, repairs, regular maintenance, and prepare the property listing. The goal is to minimize the time required for set-up and maximize revenue.
Every home will undergo a thorough assessment where we will review the status of condition, location, and compare similar properties in the surrounding area. Suggestions on any improvements will be made to help increase returns.
During this step, we assist with the overall setup of the property such as installation of smart locks, optimizing thermostat settings, TV setup, scheduling an initial deep clean, and setting up preferred vendors (cleaners, maintenance, pool, lawn care, pest, etc).
An essential marketing technique. We schedule a professional photographer to capture beautiful photos that will attract guests to click on your listing. We take it a step further and carefully craft an engaging listing description.
At this stage in the process, your home is ready to go live and accept reservations! Enjoy a truly hands-free approach to vacation home ownership. We’re on standby to assist with any guest and/or homeowner needs.
Why choose Blue Gems MGMT?
For the property owner who wants to take the passive approach of owning a property (or multiple) without having to be hands-on. We offer our homeowners the peace of mind of properly screening potential guests, setting guest expectations, providing 5-star service around the clock, overseeing all property care teams, and optimizing listing analytics with professional photography, tracking reservations, implementing pricing strategies, and creating an experience so amazing that they will look forward to spending their vacation!
Are there restrictions on how often I can use my home?
We believe a huge perk of owning a vacation home is being able to reserve it for personal vacations! Our homeowners are given priority and are welcome to freely enjoy a nice getaway with family and friends. There is no limit on the number of days the owner may occupy the home given they reserve the dates in advance and honor any existing guest reservations.
How much are the property management fees?
For ease of the homeowner and our team, our services are included at an all-inclusive price. Transparency is key, therefore there are no hidden fees. Price is determined based on a percentage of the gross revenue based on factors such as location, property size, and the number of bedrooms and bathrooms.
Where do we offer our services?
Our core teams were created in Florida (vacation capital of the US). We have steadily grown our portfolio in several states and are now offering our services throughout the country!
Do we manage Airbnbs?
We sure do! The objective is to optimize the property listing on leading booking platforms such as Airbnb, Booking.com, and VRBO. We utilize important metrics to boost visibility and draw guests to click on your property.
How do we advertise your home?
We market on a number of major booking websites including, but not limited to, Airbnb, VRBO, and Booking.com. A variety of marketing strategies are utilized to elevate our listings. The intent is not only to appear towards the top of search results, but to convert into a booking.
What in-home technology do we offer?
We offer the latest in-home technology devices for automation. These include, a smart TV for ease of streaming, smart locks for self check-in, smart thermostat for efficiency, and security cameras for safety.
How do we use technology to price your home?
Experience and knowledge of factors such as local events, historical data trends, \comparable homes, and our dynamic pricing tool helps to keep us informed on how to best price each property to reach an optimal average daily rate and occupancy.
How do we ensure a great guest experience?
We firmly believe in over communicating to assure no rock is left unturned when it comes to setting guest expectations. Each listing is thoroughly crafted to provide ample details. Not every listing will be perfect for every single guest, and it’s important to understand that each booking and acceptance of a reservation requires mutual rapport from all parties. Any questions remaining beyond what is stated in the listing are always swiftly answered. We understand that a positive guest experience will result in 5-star reviews and repeat visits, which equate to more revenue. Clearly stating what amenities are available and providing a list of supplies and toiletries will help guests to adequately prepare for their trip. We provide precise details for a simple self check-in (i.e. driving directions and WiFi login) and go the extra mile to make instructional videos on how to operate certain household devices and appliances. We check in regularly before, during, and after a guest’s stay to get ahead of any questions and reassure guests that we’re accessible to address any potential concerns.
What is our cleaning process?
The first impression when a guest steps foot into a home is how well it has been cleaned, therefore we take special care to place cleaning at the top of the priority list. Our cleaning teams are specially trained to follow an enhanced cleaning checklist and exceed CDC guidelines using approved disinfectants. This elevated approach to cleaning not only ensures guest safety, but also keeps the property well maintained and in tip-top shape.
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